Free Exploratory Session

Upset woman sitting on the couch and looking at therapist in a private session

In order for you, the client, to gain more clarity about whether coaching is right for you and whether one of us is the right coach for you, we offer a complimentary get-acquainted session either in person in Warrenton, VA, or by phone or Skype/FaceTime. We call this the “exploratory session” because it is a time for you and your prospective coach to explore together some of the following issues:

  • what you, the client, are looking for from coaching
  • what your coach has to offer that matches what you’re looking for
  • whether you and your coach feel you could work well together

Having an exploratory session, which usually lasts 50-60 minutes, involves no obligation for either the coach or client to continue with coaching. The session will have been successful if you leave it with greater clarity about your goals and challenges and possible strategies for moving forward. Many clients find the exploratory session extremely rewarding, even if they and the coach decide not to continue together. One outcome of an exploratory session is sometimes a referral to some other professional service.

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