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Exploratory Session – Free

Coaching begins with a free exploratory session (in person in Warrenton, VA, or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime). If, at the end of the exploratory session, the coach and client decide to move forward together, the client and coach will sign an agreement for an initial coaching period of twelve sessions.

The Twelve-Session Coaching Plan for Adults

Typically clients seem to experience the most dramatic progress when they are coached three or four times a month over a period of at least three months. Each coaching session is 50 minutes long, and can take place in person in Warrenton, VA, or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime. The coach and client will often agree to check in with each other one or two times between sessions to monitor progress. Creating new approaches and forming new habits can take some time, so many clients benefit from continuing with coaching beyond the initial twelve sessions.

     Each coaching week includes:

  • One 50-60-minute session by phone, by Skype/FaceTime, or in person in Warrenton, VA
  • One check-in by text, email, or eight-minute phone chat
  • From time to time, a useful variation can be shorter sessions (e.g., 30 minutes) combined with up to four check-ins per week. This option might be based on the nature of that week’s challenge or the client’s preference.

 Please contact us through this site to schedule your free exploratory session and to inquire about our fees.


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